We appreciate there are times when circumstances beyond your control can make it difficult to meet all your financial commitments. Focus Underwriting are committed to supporting any clients experiencing financial hardship. The Company’s Financial Hardship Policy can assist you in accessing support and appropriate services when you need them most.

How we can support you
If you’re in financial distress and unable to pay money owed to us, we may — in certain circumstances be able to review and provide the following options to assist:

  • payments via instalments
  • delay or extend payment terms
  • put the recovery of monies on hold for an agreed period
  • release your debt (where appropriate)
  • agree to a reduced lump sum amount
  • deduct an excess from a claim amount (cash settlement), and/or

If you’re experiencing financial hardship, please contact us today. Our representatives will provide you with a form to apply for financial support and assist with the application process.

Financial counselling
Dependent upon your personal situation you may benefit from extra assistance to help you get through a difficult time. For free, confidential and independent financial advice the following resources may provide assistance:

To find out more about the financial hardship provisions please refer to: 2023 General Insurance Code of Practice.